Is There an Age Restriction on Parasailing?

There is No age restriction to fly with us. We do however recommend the little ones fly tandem (with an adult).

Is There a Weight Restriction for Parasailers?

Generally, it’s between 150 and 500 lbs total weight per ride.

How Many People Can Parasail at Once?

While 1 person can parasail, it’s far more fun to share the experience with friends or family. For that reason, we utilize technology to parasail 2 and up to 3 people at a time!

Can I Go Out on the Boat but Not Parasail?

Yes, space is available to observe but is limited.

How Long are the Parasail Rides?

Rides are typically between 8-10 minutes of exciting fun!

How Long is the Trip Overall?

You are usually on the water are about 60 minutes or so!

How Many People Can Fit On the Boat?

Our specialized Parasailing boats are designed to comfortably accommodate up to 12 people.